Grenoble, France: Solidarity Fires


During the night of October 26 – 27, we burned three vehicles in via Jean Perrot in Grenoble, i.e. a vehicle of the SPIE (a company that gets rich building prisons), a private security company car, and a Schindler vehicle. We also tried to set fire to a Jaguar but, for unknown reasons, it seems that it came out with just some trace on the bodywork and with the tires down.

With this gesture, we want to send our solidarity to Ghespe and Paska, presently detained in Italy following the wave of arrests last August, and the two imprisoned for the story of burnt cop-mobile. We also welcome the recent attacks on the cops in Limoges, Clermont and Isère, and we express our support for the anonymous incendiaries.

via: sansattendre.

Translated by act for freedom now!