Grenoble, France: Responsibility Claim for the Arson Attack Against St Jacques Church


Grenoble: The only church that…

22.01.19: It pleases us very much that we are seeing many symbols of the State and capitalism being attacked lately, that rage turns into action. Even if their motives sometimes contradict our own ideas, we know that we don’t have allies everywhere, so it’s always beautiful when there are clashes in the cities and the countryside.

A thought for those who take advantage of these moments to destroy without moderation and without demands. Another for those who do not wait for these opportunities to destroy everything.

We also unleashed our fury by burning the St Jacques church in Grenoble.

It seems important to us not to leave aside the moral authorities in our analysis and attacks against the different facets of power. That all those who feel offended by this action take heed of our anger and face the consequences of their role in spreading and supporting ideologies that aim to control our lives, our bodies and our emotions. If the flames of hell have warmed our toes by destroying your infamous building, it does not matter, God will make you a hundredfold!

We do not differentiate between the Church and other religions, though we know that we are in a country that is particularly complacent towards the Christian church.
By attacking a religious dogma, or one of its symbols, we want to participate in broader reflections on our own ability to create dogmas and sanctify concepts, ideas, attitudes or identities.

One last thought for people impacted by the repression, whether in its sights or in support, who will find themselves in our action and in our evils.

The Short-Circuits

(via Attaque, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)