Greece: Solidarity is the bulwark on which state repression will be crushed

he trial against Vaggelis Stathopoulos for the repressive operation on November 8, 2019 begins

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Solidarity is the bulwark on which state repression will be crushed. The trial against Vaggelis Stathopoulos for the repressive operation on November 8, 2019 begins (Athens, Greece, March 17, 2021)



The trial of anarchist V. Stathopoulos begins today, Wednesday 17/3 at 09:00 at the Loukareos Court of Appeal

Solidarity is the bulwark on which state repression will be crushed

The case is based on a robbery at an OPAP agency, where according to the police, one of the two who participated was injured and in the course of investigations weapons were discovered that were attributed to the Revolutionary Self-Defence group.

On November 8, 2019 in an operation of the “anti-terrorist” squad, three people were arrested and dozens more were interrogated, while there were also several raids – house searches.

The anarchist Vaggelis Stathopoulos, anarchist Myrto S. and another person were arrested. The anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis is also wanted. Comrade V. Stathopoulos and the other person were remanded in custody, while the comrade Myrto S. was given lesser charges and was released.

With his text from GADA jail anarchist comrade V. Stathopoulos denies any involvement in both the case of the organization and the robbery, while during his “plea” to the investigator he takes responsibility that for reasons of solidarity he helped the injured anarchist D. Chatzivasileiadis. Here, solidarity towards a wounded anarchist is more than enough evidence for the mechanisms of the state to characterize someone as a “terrorist” to be accused of a series of acts under law 187A. This is not the first time comrade V. Stathopoulos has been targeted by the police mechanisms and more specifically by the “Anti-terrorist” unit. In April 2010 he was re-arrested with a series of accusations for participation in Revolutionary Struggle, accusations that largely collapsed in the ensuing trial. His active presence in the anarchist movement is the reason for his being targeted, then and now. For authority solidarity is not just a foreign concept, but is a hostile value to be struck in every way. Atomisation, social cannibalism is the strategy of their choice.

The media could not miss this case either and engaged in a peculiar competition of who will sell the best terror-hysteria scenario. Scenario dictated, of course, by the “Anti-terrorist” unit but freely enhanced by the “directors” of the Mass-Media. Thus, we saw bloodthirsty “terrorists” blowing up ambulances and sowing death, super bombs, lasers and snipers. They didn’t even hesitate to take advantage of the professional activity of comrade Stathopoulos, a martial arts teacher, to create spectacular videos and photos in order to convince the average citizen of his guilt, his “war education” etc. Of course, they didn’t forget to connect this case with their general theory of communicating vessels of “lawlessness”, squats, university social centres, organizations, all together in the narrative of the police soap opera.

“Crush them all, then, in the name of normality” is their doctrine. And we, for our part, declare that we will resist this “normality” that they want to impose and that in this struggle there is no discrimination in terms of forms and means of struggle.

Solidarity with prisoners and with persecuted comrades generally is not just part of our struggle, it is inextricably linked to the struggle for revolution, to the struggle for a society of equality and freedom.

Solidarity gathering Wednesday 17 March at the Second Degree Court at Loukareos str at 09:00 (4th floor courtroom 104Γ).

Freedom to anarchist V. Stathopoulos

Strength to anarchist D. Chatzivasileiadis who is fugitive


Solidarity assembly to prisoners, fugitives and persecuted militants

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