Greece: Responsibility claim from Cell of Proletarian Violence for multiple incendiary attacks in Athens


In the early hours of Friday September 9th we torched a van of multinational (of Finish interests) company KONE on Zinoviou street in Ilioupoli, as well as in the early hours of September 20th we torched one more van belonging to the same company on Filadelfias street in Kesariani, which was completely destroyed.

The company in question is major in the sector of constructing and maintaining elevators internationally, with annual profits of many millions. Of course in the Greece of memorandums and constant devaluation of labor, the policies of multinationals cannot but align with the “laws of the market”, thus while KONE is gaining massive profits, in this country it decreases workers wages by 15%, fires and imposes a regime of labor terrorism. Such phenomenons have not remained unanswered by the workers, who respond with 3 hour work stoppages and 24 hour strikes, creating small hearths of resistance in the labor middle-ages we are all experiencing.

Also, in the early hours of Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 28th of September, we completely torched a luxury jeep (BMW X3) on Polykarpou street in Nea Smirni and a luxury car (Porsche Cayman) on Naiadon street in Palio Faliro respectively. Remembering for a bit the legendary club of Καψεcayenistas (burn-a-cayenists).

It is a constant provocation when while workers are being fired, pensions are reduced, people are living on the streets because of auctioned homes, others can go around with (let alone possess) such provocative symbols of private wealth. While others search the trash for food, eat at soup kitchens or pass out from hunger, others project their wealth so vulgarly. A wealth that is not a birthright, although that happens often, but that was built with the exploitation and the blood of our class. A wealth that bosses and executives of companies such as KONE accumulate with their aggressive policies.

On one hand, in the conjuncture of the constant attack of the imperialistic capital, its mechanisms (EU, ECB, IMF, NATO), the addicted Greek upper class and its slave political personnel, and on the other the movements’ low tide and reshuffling, the duties of our class should be redefined, so we can take battle positions and halt the attack we are experiencing. Lets organize a political-military front capable of responding to the modern problems of working people, as well as being a source of inspiration for the fighters. A front that will prepare our class for the final storming of the kingdom of freedom.

Our actions are dedicated with all our soul to communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufodinas, we demand the immediate granting of furlough to him and fighter political prisoner Alexandros Giotopoulos.

Solidarity to our comrades, Kostas Sakkas, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis.

Solidarity to anarchist revolutionary Pola Roupa, whose stubbornness and insistence are an example for every fighter.



Cell of Proletarian Violence