Greece: Intervention at the consulate of Switzerland


Received 01/03/2019

On the 29th of January the swiss police arrest an anarchist comrade in Zurich. A house search follows and also a search in the Bibliotheque Anarchiste, a venture where he actively participates. It must be noted that Bibliotheque Anarchiste is one of the most active ventures in which very important books and magazines of the anarchist movement of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century are hosted. He is prosecuted and charged for participating:

  • in an arson attack against vehicles of the swiss army
  • in an arson attack on o radiofrequency tower of the swiss police
  • sticking a poster which urges the “destruction of property and use of violence against companies and individuals who take part in the building of the Basslergut prison (a migrant detention center) in Basel and the construction of the new police and court center in Zurich

The comrade will be put in preventive detention for at least 3 months since according with the swiss penal code the applications for release out of prison are reexamined every 3 months. The result of it? The comrade is facing the danger of being in preventive detention for a very long time (there have been cases where the preventive detention could take as long as 2,5 years)

A few words about the “neutral” swiss state.

The swiss state struggles for nearly 2 centuries to become (and it has achieved it quite well) known in the world for it “neutrality and peacekeeping disposition”. One more lie since even though it has not been directly involved in interstate wars this has only happened to make its position as a capitalistic “piggy bank” even stronger, as a safe place for the rich to save the blood-soaked wealth. Against the internal enemy it has no hesitation to show like all the states, his war face. Whoever breaks the facade of affluence, whoever questions law and order will be punished.

Against all effort for inclusion and repression by the swiss state, the fighting comrades continue and will continue to fight on. We are by their side. Struggle and solidarity don’t know borders.

Attack against the state and its mechanisms

Solidarity with all those who are prosecuted for acts of revolutionary violence by the swiss state

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