Greece: Call for international solidarity and financial support


Solidarity to the four comrades accused of allegingly belonging to a terrorist organization

On March 8 and 9, 2020, four comrades were arrested following a state ”anti-terrorist” operation. The only element against them is the alleged visual “identification” of the first comrade arrested. Two undercover cops “recognized” him on the video of the attack on Mitsotakis’ Foundation (building used by the party New Democracy for their gatherings and meetings). The other three are arrested because of their friendly and political relationship with the first one.

All four are on trial for a huge case, involving 54 attacks. They are accused of forming and joining an alleged terrorist organization called “Sintrofi-sintrofises” (“Comrades”), under the greek law 187A (antiterrorist law).

A few words about the construction of the so-called organization “Sintrofi-sintrofises”, from the point of view of one of the persecuted comrades:

“So, the state, trying to sell the ideology of “The War on Terror”, is constructing these kind of Organizations. This one specifically, under the name “Sintrofi-sintrofises”, is an organization operating in Athens from 2016 until today. This logic goes beyond the limits of the normal and the real in a way that can only be described as ridiculous. Essentially the name of this famous organization, is no more than a signature that has been used by the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement for years now. It has been used it in the past, it is used it in the present and it will be used in the future. Anyone can find hundreds of texts with the same signature all over Greece, and most probably all around the world. This new methodology (the use of a wider signature and its conversion in a terrorist organization) is something unprecedented that aims only to target a large and diverse field of action of the wider anarchist movement as well as the intimidation of those who belong to it. A serie of next terrorist organizations are: “Solidarity”, “Anarchists”, “Communists”… And the laughter has no end.”

After a week of detention in the Central Police Station, the comrades were released under harsh restrictive conditions: to present three times per month in the local Police Station, prohibition of communication or interaction between them, prohibition of participation in any political gathering or demonstration, prohibition of entry to Exarcheia (main and historical center of the political struggle in Athens), prohibition of leaving the country and seizure of all their assets and bank accounts. In addition, the relocation of the comrade “recognized” in the video to his birthplace city was immediately required.

These restrictive terms have specific effects on the lives of the four accused: the dissolution of their social life and political activities and their financial extermination. Moreover, the condition of the permanent establishment of the first arrested comrade away from the city where he had lived for years, completely cuts him off from his social relationships and his job, making obvious that this whole persecution is a ”personal revenge” from the police against the comrades.

From the very beginning of this ridiculous conspiracy, the four comrades deny all the accusations, stating publicly that they are being persecuted exclusively for their anarchist political identity.

Based on the usual “procedures” of persecuting anarchists, seven months after no evidence connecting the four comrades with any attack has been found (DNA, fingerprints, calls, messages,…). In addition, the only element of the case file collapsed in September, since the official expertise from the police laboratories and an independent technical expert ruled out the existence of the comrade in the video of the attack on the Mitsotakis’ Foundation.

The police themselves admit that the comrade who was initially arrested and, because of this, the others are being persecuted, is not identified in the video of the attack on the Mitsotakis’ Foundation.

So right now, with absolutely no evidence or indication of guilt, four comrades are exterminated in every aspect of their lives by the State. Only because they stood their ground. Because they found their place among the oppressed of this world and they fought against the State and capitalism, against the systematic pauperization of billion people, against fascism and patriarchy, against the destruction of nature and the extinction of non-human beings.

During this month of November, the comrades are called from the state investigator for an additional “deposition”, in case of an additional attack, waiting for the ending of the investigation process.

We call on the whole movement of struggle to support solidarity rallies in the courts of ”Evelpidon”.

Comrades, the 4 persecuted anarchists, for the past 7 months, have been systematically exterminated financially by the state, in a persecution whose legal costs have so far exceeded 10,000 euros. In the upcoming ”depositions” of the comrades, the legal costs will exceed 3,000 euros. The persecuted comrades, with great difficulty, try to cover their living expenses, while their bank accounts are frozen and, at the same time, they are facing unemployment.

In the condition created by covid-19, where it is impossible to hold events for their financial support, we decided to turn to online financial support through Firefund.

We ask for the support of all comrades internationally:

Never any comrade left alone against the state.

It is a fact that the persecution of comrades by the police is one more attempt at political, social and economic extermination of anarchists. These persecutions, however, face the relentless struggle for freedom and dignity. Solidarity will defeat the darkness of totalitarianism.



Solidarity assembly for the four persecuted comrades.

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