Germany: Attacks in Solidarity with Rojava and Liebig 34


The Autonome Gruppen (autonomous groups) Cell “Soledad Casilda Hernáez Vargas” has claimed responsibility for a series of incendiary attacks in Berlin in solidarity with the revolution in Rojava and the anarcha-queer-feminist squat Liebig 34, which has been menaced with expulsion.

On January 14 and 15, arson attacks were carried out against cars belonging to ThyssenKrupp and DB Schenker, companies that benefit from the Turkish aggression against Rojava. On January 16, an arson attack was carried out against a truck belonging to Dr.House, a company owned by the capitalist Gijora Padovicz, who abuses renters and squatters. On January 21, an arson attack was carried out against a company car of Wisag, a security company that takes part in the dislocation of the homeless in favor of the investments of Padovicz.

The following is a selection of the statement:

If we have won something during the last years of rebellion against the city of the rich, it is only the courage to fight anyway. And also the assurance that autonomous activists stand side by side with many others who find themselves in such a precarious situation. Side by side, for example, with many Berlin tenants. Or with the population of Rojava. We always have the choice: assimilation or conspiracy…

The idea of fighting the state by violence and creating places and times of freedom is nevertheless part of our strategy. The (material) damage is necessary as an instrument of fear in the Häuserkampf [literally “struggle of houses,” historic urban struggle, principally concerning squats], of concern in the territories of the State…

We advocate the patient, truly revolutionary state of mind that internalizes insurrection and rebellion and practices it daily. We therefore consider the harmonization of militant groups (in German the word “activist” implies the practice of direct actions) to a policy of calls and campaigns as critical, if it stops without reason and if it is not a base for continued practice, as was the case with Fight4Afrin, when battles in Kurdistan continue on a daily basis.

We are taking part in permanently attacking the enemies of freedom, regardless of military logics, such as an appeasement of Turkey by the presence of US troops or round tables of politics. Our entire solidarity goes to the people of Rojava…

With a fire attack on a truck from Dr.House’s fleet of vehicles, on January 16, 2019 in Pankow, we make the proposal to intensify the fight against Padovicz by massively attacking his companies and his property… When the Liebig 34 is attacked, we recommend reactions leading to considerable material damage…

With fire attacks against a vehicle of ThyssenKrupp (January 14 in Prenzlauer Berg [a neighborhood in Berlin]), one of DB Schenker (January 15 at Lichtenberg [another neighborhood in Berlin]) and one of Wisag (January 21 in Lichtenberg), we call to reinforce each other in an exchange of references between global social struggles, and not to get stuck in so-called divisions. ThyssenKrupp and DB Schenker were affected as profiteers of the Turkish aggression in Rojava; the security company Wisag takes part in the dislocation of the homeless in the Rummelsburger Bucht in favor of the investments of Padovicz there.

The word of solidarity and the convergence of struggles is realized in practice only by expressing itself in the radicality of the faults between us and the relations of the dominant order. Authoritarian regimes must fear the wrath of humans; elites must fear our streets; their property will go up in smoke!

For the convergence of struggles!

Padovicz… off our streets!

Solidarity with Rojava!

Let’s build spaces of freedom and defend them together!

Autonomous groups – cell “Soledad Casilda Hernáez Vargas”

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