Genoa, Italy: Attack Against the Italian Institute of Technology


In the early hours of December 24th, we attacked the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).*
24 hour surveillance at reception and private security patrol cars were not a good deterrent, we were determined to attack you and we succeeded!

The IIT is a foundation for technological development and national policies in favor of science and technology and is a flagship of the Italian State. It works to strengthen the markets and the policies of looting and devastation that are committed every day by capital and governments.

They carry out studies in neuroscience, ‘brain technologies’ and genetic research for the manipulation of life forms. They are also active in nanotechnology, conducting research into nanomaterials and their use, as well as the development of materials for converting and storing energy, which today’s production system needs in huge quantities in order to maintain the speed of the mad rush of progress.

In addition to the iCub, in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, they are perfecting robots for industrial production.

At the service of capital and the police state that guarantees it, they are involved in the creation of ‘computer vision’ systems that are useful for identification and social control.

In line with the above, in computational science research, they are intensifying the study of ‘big data’, creating programs and structures for these vast databases of video, audio and images that are necessary for the techno-industrial society. These algorithms produce the wealth of the huge lobbies that dominate the capitalist world because they are applied to computer science, AI, biotechnology, the war industry and military research; they realize exponential possibilities for this deadly order of exploitation and domination, of looting the territories for the resources paid with the blood that flows in the Mediterranean and that of all the exploited.

We have no faith in the technoscientific doctrine, instead, by highlighting its oppressive applications, we have decided to attack it. The always diversifying technological sector, inserted into everyday life and life in all its forms, is constantly advancing. It ranges from goods that civilians, the military and the aerospace industry are dependent on, from artificial intelligence to transhumanism, from the development of telecommunications to smart homes, smart cities, smart wars and an increasingly stupid humanity. The consequences are devastating for the looted territories and the lives of so many of the oppressed, whose existence guarantees the wealth of the many oppressors.

In this society all the decisions come from above, the management of mass opinion is then used to create consensus. We are not interested in consensus. We are interested in fighting against oppression. This is why we are conscientiously opposed to science.

Many words have been spoken against technology and the atrocities of the techno-industrial society. As far as we are concerned, who produces it, who finances it and who develops it, are not matters of opionion but targets to be attacked.
Opinions and consensus are weapons of democracy. Against the state, a master at the management of capital’s needs with violence, the only possible answer is revolutionary action.

Technology is not neutral. Behind the ‘green’ facades and the proposals for an ecological market that even manages to recuperate dissent, the right and left governments turn on the taps of funding for the laboratories and the research centres, maintained by the economic and finance ministries and implemented via networks of institutions, universities and private individuals. With its patents and its projects, research entered the politcal sector of the state and the economic sector of capital a long time ago. Presidents, ministers and scientists arm in arm with ‘development programs’ and financial maneuvers.

Technology is profit. It is one of the cornerstones that governs global relationships between states. It serves the interests of power, despite the alleged antipathies and the real threats of nuclear war. This is demonstrated in the recent ‘trade wars’.

Critique of technology and its prophets evolves through action against it. This concept can be extended to all aspects of struggle where one wants to achieve conflictuality.
The offensive against the state and capital exists within the revolutionary action that seeks to overthrow them.

We have attacked.
We accompany this action with this claim because we feel it is necessary for our words to find spaces that won’t be censored, diverted and distorted of meaning, along with our actions. In this age of the free opinion of ignorance, anarchist propaganda – which democracy represses, censors, controls and attacks – must also be expressed via action. Attack is a constant which, if abandoned, is tantamount to surrender and reduces us to becoming bogged down in analysis alone, in reflection, in theory. Without action anarchism loses its strength.

With these words accompanied by our action, we are launching a call to join the offensive.
If we do not strengthen the indestructible link between thought and action, we will never know what it is.
We will never have the ‘best chance at life’ until the ruins of this world of oppressors are before us.
This is just a good place to start.

FAI-FRI Immediate Action Group

*Note from Mpalothia: According to local media reports a service room at the instittue was set on fire.

(via Anarhija, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)