Genoa, Italy: Arson Attack Against Poste Italiene


“Many of our people died, but you could not destroy anarchy.
Its roots are too deep,
it was born in the bosom of a rotten society that is collapsing,
it is a violent reaction against the established order,
it represents the aspirations of freedom and equality
who come to break authoritarianism.
It is everywhere, which makes it indomitable,
and in the end it will end up winning and it will kill you.”

– Ravachol

Governments of the past and present have succeeded with the murderous and neo-colonialist policies of neo-liberalism. When it comes to hostile reception of refugees or fueling xenophobia and racism, European countries and all Western governments have promoted and financed wars and created social destabilization where it is convenient to preserve the interests of the oil, arms and mineral trades. The consequences of these death policies are managed today with an iron fist resulting in the closure of borders and ports, deportations, murders at sea and arrests at the borders.

Italian laws create ‘illegal’ men and women who are subjected to blackmail, exploitation and slavery in a society where wealth is extremely polarized.

As part of the Italian government agreement with Libya it provides them with the means to patrol the coasts and collaborates with them in the construction of concentration camps where mercenaries and prison guards, trained by Italian Carabinieri, systematically torture, rape and murder.

During the night between April 10th and the 11th, some Italian postal vehicles were attacked. Let us not forget the cowardly, direct role of the Italian post office in the deportation of refugees. We carried out this small gesture as an act of revenge.

Solidarity with those who fight against this system of exploitation and against State violence.
Violent revolutionary solidarity with prisoners and comrades worldwide.
A sweet memory for all comrades who have fallen in combat.
And finally, support to all the comrades in the forest, these words are dedicated to you. Strength!

Anarchists for Internationalist Solidarity

(via RoundRobin, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)