France: No filming!

[Here is a short leaflet that has lost none of its relevance if one carefully observes recent demonstrations and the way riots are put on show and self-described, often by their
protagonists themselves. It was found at a demonstration in Paris on 15 February 2017 and published on various anarchist sites at the time]

Let’s not film!

Because even if nothing is happening for now, we hope that it’s going to explode later!
Because we risk making a friend swing!
Because we don’t take part in the action!
Because we accumulate evidence against ourselves!
Because if we get lifted, we won’t have time to erase them and anyway the cops find videos even if erased!
Because if we want to respond to or prevent the violence of the cops, let’s go,
Because it is not an ephemeral and media recognition that will change this crappy world, on the contrary, it endorses the spectacle.

Let’s not let the enemy decide to take or use our images. Luck is never on our side.

Let’s leave our cameras at home.

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via: sansattendre.
Translated by Act for freedom now!