Chile: Trial Against Kevin and Joaquin Begins


16.06.18: Finally on June 15th, 2018, the trial against Kevin and Joaquin will begin. We attach previous information in light of the new legal situation that they are facing.

Anarchic and revolutionary solidarity with the anti-authoritarians who do not bow their heads!

Insurrectionary solidarity in the face of the preparation of trial against Joaquin and Kevin.

“While solidarity is always important -in all aspects-, we cannot be satisfied with the many actions that arise in support of our affinities, although they are always necessary. We believe that an important part of recognizing onseself as a revolutionary is being willing -as they are- to attack that state apparatus and capital. In this way, we believe that solidarity must transcend words, be forged in attack and thus transform itself into constant action against order. Because, the recognition of affinity is accompanied by complicities and experience, which create an unbreakable bond between anonymous ones”.

– International Conspiracy for Revenge / Gerasimos Tsakalos Arson Cell

On June 16th, 2018, the compañeros Joaquín García Chanks and Kevin Garrido will face trial preparation in a judicial process that began when both were arrested in November 2015.

This judicial instance will define the evidence that the Southern Prosecutor’s office will use in the future trial where it will unleash its frenzy of repression and punishment, this time using the arms control law.

Comrade Joaquin, for his part is facing:

– 15 years in prison for the placement of an explosive device at Police Station No. 12 (an action that was claimed by the International Conspiracy for Revenge / Gerasimos Tsakalos Arson Cell).

– 4 years and 6 months for illegal possession of weapons (for breaking the house arrest that the compañero was placed under in June 2016. Joaquin was arrested in September of the same year by members of BIPE (Special Police Investigations Brigade) while carrying a revolver).

– 800 days for possession of ammunition (found on him when he was captured).

Kevin, for his part, is accused of the attack against the gendarmerie school in San Bernardo (where he was arrested), as well possession of explosive material, illegal possession of a knife and the attack against the Chilectra company (an action that was claimed by Karr-Kai Cell).

Kevin is also facing the same charge as Joaquin for the attack against the police station. The prosecution are seeking more than thirty years imprisonment against him.

“The pride and conviction of positioning ourselves as revolutionary entities forges in us an unbreakable dignity that does not waver, these are not elements that are sharpened to be used as weapons, but a part of a constant praxis in our actions” – Joaquin Garcia

Demolish the apparatus of the democratic inquisition!

Insurrectionary and anti-authoritarian solidarity!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)