Chile: Conviction and Sentence Upheld Against Juan Flores


18.06.18: On June 13th, 2018, the Supreme Court upheld the 23 year sentence against Juan Flores, who was convicted under the anti-terrorist law for the explosive attack against the Subcentro and for violating the weapons control act.

Celebrating the resolution, Prosecutor Raúl Guzmán, in charge of the Southern Prosecutor’s Office said, “We are quite satisfied with this result of the decision by the Supreme Court that rejects the appeal against the sentence… this is recognition of the serious work that was done in the investigation stages regarding these facts. It was a severe penalty that was imposed against the condemned, but not without precedent as he has criminal records for a crime of robbery with intimidation, for which he was already serving a penalty with benefits”.

Down with the anti-terrorist law and all laws!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)