Charlevoix, Quebec: Sabotage during the G7 summit


The last G7 was held in La Malbaie, in Quebec, the 8th and 9th of June 2018 in the Charlevoix castle. If the entire area was super secured, which we don’t doubt, power also took care to reinforce its critical infrastructures, including cell phone network coverage (with a $15M contract with Bell for the installation of 13 cell phone relays), but also the installation of the fiber optic cable in this depopulate and slightly preserved zone of La Malbaie (with a $6M contract with Bell), so that the heads of state can enjoy high speed internet during the summit.

Anyway, everything was supposed to go fine on this side, and yet… and yet a fire overcame during the G7 against a fiber optic cable “making certain communications along route 138 leading to Charlevoix impossible,” according to a local paper. “The outage has affected the wireless service of Telus Mobilite and Bell Mobilitie between Beauport and Baie-Saint-Paul following a cutting of the fiber. Twelve wireless sites were affected by the outage.” The Integrated Network of Multimedia Telecommunications of the Quebec government (RITM), that allows the sharing of services and information between public organizations throughout Quebec, was also affected in Baie-Saint-Paul, as well as the ministry of transportation, durable mobility, and the electrification of transports. The damages were such that a plan B had to be activated during the G7: a solution of rerouting, via the deployment of a new fiber.

Of course, because it must not be blabbed too loudly, and show the vulnerability of the mechanisms always within reach of audacious hands, the state speaks of an accident. All the same the odds are incredible, the type of crucial fiber optic catches fire alone in the middle of the G7 in the red zone, a fiber optic made of glass or plastic, who’s properties do not tend toward spontaneous combustion. Whatever they say, hypothesis for hypothesis, we prefer to think that it is either a divine fire, or an anonymous hand angered by this summit of the powerful that is the origin of this fire. And since God does not exist…