Brussels: Arson ravages future police station


In the night 02/09/2017 from Saturday to Sunday, persons unknown set fire to a building under construction on Avenue de Versailles in Neder-over-Hembeek, currently owned by the Foyer de Logement Sociale Lorebru. The building was due to house a new police station by December at the latest, but the damage caused by the fire is very great.

Investigators were unable to identify any suspects. The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office dispatched police forensics and a fire expert to the spot. The building is owned by Lorebru, but according to the Brussels Council for Green Spaces and Environment Khalid Zian (PS), it has meanwhile been ceded to the police of Brussels Capital-Ixelles to set up a new police station. The building was to replace four existing police stations.


Translated by Act for freedom now!