Brazil: Text from Anarchist Comrades About the Recent Anti-Anarchist Raids in Porto Alegre

Hello comrades!

We write to give news of the storms that devastated our homes…

This morning from 6AM a police operation (Operation Erebo) was unleashed against spaces, squats and homes of anarchist individuals. They say via the mass media that this is only the beginning with 30 individuals under investigation and that they will continue the raids.

They have constructed according to their way of thinking an international criminal organization, a ‘gang of evil’, formed to attack power and its structures.

The incendiary attacks that occurred are true…we are what we are and in that we will not back down: We are anarchists, we love freedom and yes, we despise all the values and institutions that this war machine called capitalism and civilization is comprised of.

Let the news spread and solidarity be manifested.
Long live anarchy!


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