Brasília, Brazil: The torching of the Ministry of Agriculture building and other attacks against State institutions


This Wednesday, May 24 was organized by various political parties and trade unions, another manifestation of ‘fora Temer’ calling for ‘elections NOW’ in light of the involvement of Temer in cases of corruption that for a couple of years have been part of the Brazilian media circus, thus entertaining the bored Brazilian society. Perhaps these latter events serve as a reminder for some people that current problems are not necessarily to do with tendencies and / or political parties, but rather the very structure that produces them.

The demonstration calling for ‘direct action’ was rather tumultuous, leaving more than 3 ministries totally destroyed. The ministries of Agriculture and Finance were set on fire and all buildings on the esplenade had to be evacuated. Anarchist graffiti gave inspiration to the devastating fires. The repression in response was quite severe, several people were injured and there were even reports of people who were injured by real bullets.

Obviously we do not share this text without noting the attempts at manipulation by political parties and leftist vanguardism. We know that new elections will not change the root of the problem nor will they transform anything. The problem lies in the structure, not just in its components.

We are aware however that the streets are not just filled with anarchist and anarchic hearts, as the social ‘setbacks’ formented by the current government have had as a consequence the discontent of a large part of society which seems to have led to some questioning of the existing social peace and in some cases the structures of power itself. For this reason, the anarchic presence on the streets is still necessary to destabilize the established order (and the next one that tries to establish itself).

Beauty is in insurgency.

May the devastating fire continue its course…Come comrades, on the side of the ministries is the congress, and on the side of the congress is the palace of the Planalto…

A salute to the comrades who fought the battle in Brasilia and all those who followed…

(via Cumplicidade, translated by Insurrection News)