Berlin, Germany: Solidarity with the First Nations of ‘Australia’


In the occupied lands of so-called “Australia”, the 26th of January is celebrated as “Australia Day” – to festivally and disgustingly mark the invasion of the British colonial force.

This gruesome show of white-supremacy and white-washing of history must end.

This day is a day of mourning for The 500+ First Nations.

Aboriginal people are more likely to have children stolen from their families; die younger; and be imprisoned at the hands of the racist, occupying state.

We stand in memory of those who have died in massacres, mass incarceration, dispossession of land and the on-going genocide.

We stand in solidarity with The First Nations of those lands who continue to resist and struggle against the coloniser for over 200 years.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

White Australia has a black history.

Destroy White Supremacy.

(via Deutschland Indymedia)