Germany: Private Car of Immigration Cop and Fascist AfD Member Torched


27.03.19: Militant anti-fascists have torched a private vehicle belonging to an immigration cop who is also a member of the fascist AfD (Alternative For Germany) party. The arson attack took place outside the fascist cop’s house. Here is a translated excerpt from the claim of responsibility that was posted on German Indymedia:

Sebastian Pöhls has been with BVV Treptow-Köpenick since February 2018 and is a member of the AfD district executive committee. As a police immigration officer, he has been working for the AfD for years. He participates regularly in events and campaign activities and does not hold back with his racist baiting. Pöhls is a confessed fan of AfD politician Bernd Höcke and a supporter of the volk-nationalist current within the AfD. He also took part in a meeting of the Berlin wing sympathizers on April 14, 2018 in the Wartenberger Hof. He sympathizes openly with the identitarians and has recently participated several times in the racist marches by the Zukunft Heimat neo-Nazis in Cottbus.

So, we visited Pöhls in his supposedly quiet residential area and lit his Audi on fire right outside his door.

At constant war with the enemies of freedom!