Berlin, Germany: GL3 NET and VONOVIA Transporters Torched


During the night of the 12th and the 13th of April two transporters were torched in Berlin.

In Berlin-Lichtenberg a van from GL3 NET was torched.

We see this arson attack as part of the fight against “artificial intelligence” and technological domination in Berlin and elsewhere.

A few minutes later, a VONOVIA transporter went up in flames in Prenzlauer Berg.

Against the city of the rich.
Against all authority.

For a Subversive May and beyond.

Long Live Anarchy!

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)

PS Thanks the comrade for the correction
The company its not called “GLS” as is written in Deutschland Indymedia but “GL3 NET”