Berlin, Germany: For a Black May – Attack Against Securitas

Car in fire, burning at night

“Burn all prisons, with or without walls!” The call for a Subversive May, as an extension of the proposal for an Anarchist May 1st in Berlin, is understood by us as a call to extend the attack on different levels. We agree with the idea not to confine ourselves to one day but to constantly and unpredictably attack the functioning of existing society and prove that its security is an illusion.

The apparatus of power includes not only the murderers of the State, but also the mercenaries of the private security companies. Securitas vehicles once parked undisturbed in the GESOBAG housing estate where they act as security guards to prevent the intervention of cops during conflicts with tenants or tensions with the property management. Securitas is also engaged in surveillance work in prisons and public spaces worldwide.

“Recognizing the degenerative metamorphosis of the once “revolutionary subject”, today diluted in that imprecise legion of consumers / citizens, is the inevitable starting point to consolidate a community in conscious war, which contributes vigorously to extend the attack against the system of domination in our century. If we are not able to notice the feeling of participation in which the “mass” dives happily; that is to say, if we do not perceive the accelerated integration of this alienated caterva of “oppressed” and “excluded”, we are not apt to develop anarchic war in our days. For that reason, it is urgent to renew our ship-replace one rotten wood with the erosion of time-and that will only be possible from a critical balance” – from an interview with Alfredo Cospito

The apparatus of power also includes those who were once excluded from participating in society, and who are now systematically integrated into mechanisms of domination in the phase of techno-industrial society, thus contributing to their own oppression via control. The social isolation of technology removes the clarity of it for those who have fallen for it. With a lack of common awareness of the class conflict, the anger over the lack of prospects is not directed against the State and its lackeys but against the people next door. The developments such as the ones we see in France, where over the last 6 months 1000s of people continuously convert their emotions into direct confrontation with the cops and destruction of the symbols of capitalism are not seen here in the territory controlled by the German State. When it comes to social issues, trust in democratic institutions, leftist organizations, union and political parties (or manifestations of racism and nationalist chauvinism) are too strong.

What we, as anarchists, have to do is attack these democratic institutions to expose their authoritarian nature via propaganda of the deed. It is not enough to simply explain to those, even anarchists, who steadfastly believe in cautious reformism, that destruction of the existent also means destroying the illusion of security. On the night of May 13th and 14th, we joined forces with the informal network of scattered cells worldwide to locate and attack the agents of repression and social / State control. On this occasion we chose an incendiary attack, another time it may be a text, a poster or a demonstration extending beyond familiar paths. Our subversiveness is shown by the clear pursuit of our ideas.

“We do not expect the state to act differently than it does. We are not victims of anything. We do not ask for or expect justice” – from the call for solidarity with Anahi

The destruction of 2 Securitas vehicles in Berlin-Wedding is our call for solidarity with Anahi Salcedo and the Anarchists detained by the Argentine State. Anahi was arrested on November 14, 2019, after she was wounded while placing a bomb at the tomb of cop and torturer Ramón Falcón, who was killed 109 years ago by Anarchist Simón Radowitzky. We do not know much about the current situation, but we have learned from recent texts that Anahi along with another comrade, as well as 12 Anarchists who were arrested following a raid are all accused of having committed subversive acts. Strength and anger, solidarity and complicity!

“I will seek at the risk of my life, the best, the authentic freedom …” – Mauricio Morales

“This call is to take back what has never been left behind, giving life to that continuity of practice in the current scenario, contributing so that our deaths remain dangerous to the ears of the powerful, actions which are impossible to recuperate by the “progressive citizens” that separate us and rejecting any victimizing expression that seeks to impose a distorted image of our comrade.” – from the call for a Black May

As we take action using the full diversity of tactics, we can also lose our lives. Therefore, our attack is also a reminder of Mauricio Morales, who was killed 10 years ago on May 22nd, 2009 on the way to a Gendarmerie training center in Santiago, by his own bomb, and a response to the call for a Black May.

We follow the actions and texts from all corners of the earth to discover an affinity with unknown friends, to sharpen our ideas, to develop common strategic lines, and to contrast our own history with the pseudo-realism of the system. This includes the memory of our fallen and the inclusion of our prisoners through texts and references to current conflicts. Because as we wander around at night, our thoughts and fighting hearts are with the prisoners and the people who are no longer with us. And obviously we are not alone with that either. In Subversive May, there have been some attacks. One of the attacks we want to join in the chosen words is the ones who wrote a message of solidarity to Dimitris Koufontinas and targeted a vehicle from Kötter Security. Hold on, Dimitris!

As we raise our awareness of the risk of death and imprisonment, working with fears that naturally boil down to the sheer thought of it – we can rid ourselves of the feeling of regret that can overcome us at any time. When we set out, there is always the danger of losing freedom and health. Unrepentant determination is one of the prerequisites for confronting the atrocities inflicted by the enemy’s war. To arrive at this determination is a process that can only be realized through constant engagement, individually and collectively, with our emotions and ideas, an awareness of the ups and downs, and the knowledge that there is no certainty that it will be completed.

Every day we redeem our hostility towards the State and Capital, and to those who make themselves willing administrators of it, promising themselves wealth and peace through war.

‘Free Foxes’ FAI-FRI

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)