Belarus: Two Anarchists Detained For Molotov Attack in Ivatsevichi


02.09.17: It has become known that two anarchists were detained on suspicion of arson of an advertising billboard in Ivatsevichi. A video of the action is above.

The comrades names are Kirill Alekseev and Igor Makarevich.

Now they are being held in isolation under investigation in the city of Baranovichi.
They are accused of malicious hooliganism committed by a group of people (maximum term for this article is 6 years in prison).

Write letters, express solidarity!

Алексеев Кирилл Валерьевич, улица Брестская 258 В, СИЗО № 6, 225413, город Барановичи, Брестская область, Беларусь.

Макаревич Игорь Александрович, СИЗО № 6, улица Брестская 258 В, 225413, город Барановичи, Брестская область, Беларусь


Responsibility Claim for the Molotov Attack:

01.08.17: In Ivatsevichi a group of anarchists burned an advertising billboard that promotes compliance with the law. Actually, the law is an instrument of power, to suppress the people. When the state needs it, it’s lap dogs from the police readily break laws: they beat and kill ordinary Belarusians, and disgruntled people are sent to prisons. And we are trying to stop such propaganda to obey and become submissive, because the power of the state and the law is really in its observance – if we comply with their laws, we will live in poverty, lawlessness and fear. Only in solidarity and struggle can we regain our rights and freedom.