Australia: Call for Submissions and Donations to ‘Paper Chained’ Issue 3


Call for Submissions for Issue 3 of Paper Chained from Prisoners, Ex-Prisoners, Family and Friends.

DUE DATE: 31st of OCTOBER, 2019

Paper Chained is a journal of writings and artistic expressions from individuals affected by incarceration. If you are currently in prison, have experienced time in prison, or have had a loved one in prison, we welcome your contributions to this journal. To check out previous issues, please visit

Please send any contributions or enquiries to:

runningwild(AT)riseup(DOT)net or PO BOX 516, Stones Corner, QLD, 4120, Australia


If you believe this is a valuable publication, please support the ongoing costs of printing and postage that are essential to ensure this journal can be produced and shared, particularly with people in prisons who can only be reached by snail mail. Any donations, no matter the size, are greatly appreciated.

Donate here:

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