Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for setting cars on fire

in Philopappou hill near Koukaki area

Received 25/02/2020

Four VIP van (Tourist small taxis buses) arsons took place in the early hours of Wednesday in Koukaki, near Philopappou Hill.

We carried out this attack as retaliation and a sign of solidarity with the people who were beaten and arrested by the forces of State repression during the reoccupation of the squats in Koukaki as well in solidarity with those arrested after the buildings were recaptured.

Thetarget was selected near the squats firstly to remind to the cops that no matter how hard they try they can’t protect neighbourhoods from black-hooded people and secondly because these vehicles exist only to serve tourists and the tourism industry.

“There is a right to the brick.

There is a right on the stick.

There is a right to Molotovs in Exarchia, or anywhere.

There is a right to car arson.

There is a right to armed struggle.

There is a right to revolt and liberation from slavery. “

Chrysochoidis (Minister of Citizen Protection of Greece)

1,000 squats for each eviction

One bullet for each cop


Translated by Act for freedom now!


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