Athens, Greece: #Solidarity is not a crime!

Solidarity is not a crime!

Dear neighbours,

the new government of old clans already started to implement a racist inhuman policy against migrants and refugees. They also claim to ‘clean’ the neighborhood of Exarcheia from solidarity structures and political collectives. Obviously we will never obey but resist authoritarianism.

We, the people, always stood together against oppression and exploitation!

We expect raids of MAT very soon. In case police will occupy our neighbourhood, this is what YOU can do to show that in Exarcheia we are a society of solidarity:

• Make some noise! Go to the window with pots and pans, whistles and horns and let the police know they are not welcome here. Speak out loudly against the hate campaign.
• Come to the streets! Gather with your neighbours, tell the cops they are not welcome here, create and participate in neighbourhood assemblies, events and demonstrations. History is always made in the streets.
• Drop a banner! Use your window or balcony to show your solidarity. You can write a nice line but also just #Solidarity and/or Instagram it.
• If you can, take a stand! Make it difficult for the police to move, use your right of assembly, rearrange the order of the garbage bins, drive with your car slooowly around the block. Collectively we are brave and creative.
• Oversee the overseers! Record police violence, get in contact with detainees, write memory minutes of incidences down, open the door for people escaping from cops. Help preventing that repressions and police brutality become means of politics against the people again.
• Do not let them divide us! The government, police and media will speak about criminals and terrorists and spread unthinkable lies just in order to discredit solidarity. They will continue their scapegoat campaign against people who needed to escape their homelands and are already on the margins of society. Don’t believe corporate media. Instead, discuss what is happening with your family, friends, workmates and neighbours as to create a more accurate public image of what’s going on. Trust easily grows when we get to know each other. United we stand!

Solidarity is our weapon!

via Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων/Μεταναστών Νοταρά 26

Athens, Greece: #Solidarity is not a crime!


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