Athens, Greece: Responsibility claim for the arson at the magistrates head court


Received 18/03/2020

Athens, Greece: Responsibility claim by Comrades for the arson at the magistrates head court (eirinodikio)- Loukareos Street in Athens

via : athens.indymedia.

Translated by Act for freedom now!


The only people who went to court with good intentions.

Between geopolitical games, racist mobs, violent uprooting of people, set-up businesses, nationalisms, media delirium, respectable humanitarianism, a human tragedy unfolded from the fence of Evros to the islands of the Eastern Aegean.

Fortress-Europe, the Greek king-pin on its map and Erdogan’s opportunism, played their geopolitical game of dice on the lives of violently uprooted people looking for crumbs falling from the table of European bliss.

The Greek State was a worthy guard of the European fortress, decorating its mission with crowns of “patriotism” and “Greek pride” for domestic consumption, the pride of the armed against the unarmed, the well-fed against the hungry, the established against the uprooted.

We stand and reflect on the (at least) two people lost by the Beast’s bullets. It doesn’t matter if Mohammed al-Arab and Mohammad Gulzar were hit by a cop, a soldiers or a fascist vigilante’s bullets. We know that two people from our global Class were murdered by the mercenaries of our global enemy.

And we are demanding account for the crimes that their perpetrators, well camouflaged within the “national body”, no one will look for.

As the least gesture of dignity and resistance, on the morning of 9th of March we visited the courts of Loukareos street. We admit, their weakest link: the Eirinodikio. A link though of the same system that keeps safe those who rob the social reserves, those who murder by law and punish unfortunates relentlessly.

The whole story went through unnoticed, under convenient fake news of some “short circuit”.

So let’s tell it. And those who know, know. Entrance to Eirinodikio. A large room. On the left is an ATM of Piraeus bank with its annoying built-in camera. We avoid it. To the right are some corridors leading off with courtrooms and offices. We choose a corridor. We move to the end of it so that there is no danger of anyone being trapped by the fire. At the far right end there is courtroom No 10 empty. First door, “for the public”. Second door, “for judges only”. We laugh. For the first time we see from above these rooms where human lives are played, years in prison, the pain of imprisonment. On the other hand we are not looking for the first time at the petrol tank and its fuse. We are on the judge’s bench. Everything is done. We put the petrol tank under the chair. We laugh. Light the fuse. We’re still laughing. We’re leaving.

PS1: In the face of the (anti)terrorism department’s ridiculous proclamation of a terrorist organization for the simplest and most modest signature “comrades” [male and female] that has accompanied an infinite number and all kinds of the movement’s activities for decades, for this action we choose to claim that it was carried out by COMRADES.

PS2: For Lambros who fell fighting 10 years ago.



ps: On 09/03/20,  State security [plain clothes cops] arrests four comrades in their homes in Athens. They are charged under 187A with joining a “terrorist” organisation signed “comrades” [σύντροφοι – male comrades and συντρόφισσες – female comrades] and for 54 attacks that have taken place with this signature since 2016.