Athens, Greece: Claim for the incendiary attack at Eurobank


Received 28/05/2019

Athens, Greece: Claim for the incendiary attack at Eurobank

We were taught that everything is commodity, everything can be exchanged. We didn’t understand the small print of history: that we are commodity too; working power that is exchanged with peanuts, prayers and curses, and a daily reverence to alienation, to the shattering of every human dignity. We referred to the wage slavery as our highest value and intention. We didn’t feel the waves of history carving our skin, we didn’t feel the razor blades of political economy chiseling our motion. We ‘ve shown discipline to our times’ teachings, which are nothing more than the dominant narrative that wants us producing and consuming machines, that wants for itself the monopoly of the decision about what is included and what is excluded by its normativity. A dominant narrative by a dominant world that leaves its bloody marks on us everyday, fracturing the individual, feeding it with oppression and neuroses, killing every desire for experimentation and vitality and replacing them with miserable micro-rivalries and intrigue, disguising the emptiness.

If commodity is the real motion of history, if money is commodity too, then the temples of money is a constant target, without the need of any special cause for attacking them, as the reasons are already enough. At the dawn of May 19th, we made an incendiary attack and set Eurobank -at Athinon avenue, at Chaidari- on fire.

Inside the desert of alienation, we chose organizing in anarchist terms, we chose direct action. We take fighting position at the trenches of social war; against the techno-industrial complex that spreads its meshes in every corner, designing embarrassed smiles of flabby happiness and gray cells of massive congestion. The post-modern dystopic paradise is the decomposition of every human dignity, and our pleasure is to raise with intolerance exactly this dignity: the dignity of the ant looking straight into the eyes the monster, collectivizing, organizing and attacking. We want to build new forms of relationships between us. Relationships that propose our individual and -at the same time- collective uplifting, with mutual respect and understanding. Relationships which are dangerous for the authoritarian world that oppresses us. Both the war and the new relationships are necessary for us right now.

From such a fighting position, our solidarity to the revolutionaries and the insurgents around the world could not be missing. Our imperishable memory for our fallen comrades could not be missing. Our warm hugs for all the comrades and fighters that accept the weight of their choices with consistency and dignity could not be missing.

The communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas has been on hunger strike since May 2nd, demanding the repeal of the prosecutor’s veto which blocked the granting of his regular furloughs. Judicial puppets are moved by the local and international capitalist interests. These interests, wearing the mask of democracy, want to take revenge from the urban guerilla fighter that didn’t sign any statement of repentance. He didn’t regret for the armed position that he chose in the raging war. Regimes of exception are raised for the political prisoners, with revengeful deprivation of basic acquired rights, such us the furloughs from prison. The hunger strike of Koufontinas unites with our solidarity; it unites with our rage, which crumbles the showcases of their democracy and becomes flammable, burning down their world: their banks, their homes, the offices of their political parties, their cops -who are thought to secure them-, their media stooges, their luxurious shops.

We never forget the thread that connects the anti-authoritarian struggles. We don’t forget the attack. We are full of thrill and shiver considering the choice of being part in the metropolitan guerilla warfare and direct action. We walk on the streets of insurrection, against every “law and order” dogma. On the same streets in which so many comrades also walk or walked, conspired and attacked. One of them was the anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales who -ten years before, at the May 22nd of 2009- was carrying a bomb that exploded before being placed at the Jailers Academy, for which it was destined, with his death as a result. In a similar attempt of attack -this time it was an attempt of placing a bomb at the grave of the Argentinean Federal Police leader and torturer Ramon Falcon- at the 14th of November 2018, the anarchist comrade Anahi Salcedo was badly injured because of premature explosion. She was arrested, imprisoned and constantly tortured, as she was undernourished and she wasn’t provided with medical treatment.

Our attack, except from the frame of solidarity to Dimitris Koufontinas, is also included in the frame of the calls for a Black and Subversive May. The first call comes from Chile, in the memory of Mauricio Morales, for the 10 years that passed since his death. The other one comes from Italy, in solidarity with the comrades that were prosecuted and imprisoned after the recent repressive operations in Trento and Torino, and also after the Scripta Manent case which is running since 2016.

No regime of exception for the political prisoners | Win for the hunger strike of D. Koufontinas

Our bloody memories will always be fresh | Mauri is present to our offensive intentions

We stand by Anahi | We wholeheartedly send her our strength and our solidarity

The war is on | We hit in unsuspected ways, with our rage and our thirst for breaths of life

«Traveler, your footprints
are the only road, nothing else
Traveler, there is no road,
you make your own path as you walk»

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