Worldwide: #POWER2VIOME campaign (for financial support)

VIOME has no power supply. What happened? The workers at Viome Coop, after the aggressive move of the government to cut off the electricity at the factory, we try by all means not to stop the production of our products, which at the given moment are of the highest need for the society. With the endless contribution of solidarity people, we can – in general – work at the factory and at the moment satisfy all of you who support our struggle by buying our products.

We are asking for the help of the global movement in restoring the power or acquiring a generator, so that we can continue the production without obstacles and also help us become more independent. We therefore call all unions, collectives, Greek, European and global comrades to help in obtaining a generator with biodiesel capability. Solidarity is our weapon!

— In solidarity, Workers at Viome Coop

You can help/donate here:


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