Wallmapu / Chile: Mapuche Political Prisoner Facundo Jones Huala on Hunger Strike

31.01.19: Since January 27th, 2019, Mapuche comunero (community leader) Facundo Jones Huala, sentenced to 9 years in prison, has begun a new hunger strike demanding the following:

1. That due process be respected, since the public is already aware of the leaks between the PDI (Investigation Police) and the Chilean prosecutor’s office.

2. A review of all the court cases of Mapuche Political Prisoners.

3. Respect the rights of Mapuche Political Prisoners to practice their spirituality, a space for them to carry out the Llellipun ritual and to make possible a mass visit inside the Temuco prison.

4. Justice for our Weichafe (warriors) Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel and Camilo Catrillanca.

(via Publciacion Refractario, translated into English for Mpalothia by Insurrection News)


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