USA: Call for an Anarchist Bloc in Portland on November 4


This is a call out to anarchists and anti-capitalists to converge on the Refuse Fascism rally & march at Jamison Square, in Portland, OR at 2PM this Saturday, November 4th.

With full acknowledgement that the RF call to action was published by the Revolutionary Communist Party, we know the local organizers to be unaffiliated with RCP and a mixed bag of people ranging from liberal to radical politics. These are people from our community who bravely endeavor to take an offensive stance against fascism in their city. There have been threats from the far right of violence at these rallies nation wide including threats made to organizers locally and in the past few weeks there has been white supremacist graffiti found on the PSU campus in downtown. We call on our comrades to join in solidarity and community self defense.

If we do not have a presence in these moments, we leave a vacuum for the RCP and other authoritarian politics to spread uncontested. It is important to remember that events such as this are perfect opportunities to spread anarchist and anti-capitalist propaganda and anti-state sentiment to the newly radicalized.

Join us in an anarchist bloc on the 4th!

Let us not sit out the fight against fascism because of who is calling for it, and let us not surrender the antifascist struggle to organizations like the RCP.