Ukraine: Anarchists attacks against Nazis

Ukraine: Anarchists attack Nazis from C14 in Kiev (Video & action report)

Kiev anarchists have attacked C14 building with molotov cocktails. C14 were famous for their anti-anarchist attacks before and during Maydan in Ukraine. For example, C14 threatened to attack anarchists if they created their self defense squad at Maydan, so anarchists have refused this idea.


Ukraine: Anarchists attack a Nazi from Misanthropic Division in Kiev (Video & action report)

A Neo-Nazi activist from Misanthropic Division has been attacked by anarchists. This Nazi activist was also a weapons seller, owned his far-right group in social network and actively encouraged his companions to RaHoWa (Racial Holy War). He has written that he is ready to fight “like a dead man” on his page in social network. Apparently, he has been wrong.


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