Turkey: Incendiary Attacks and Banner Action by DGH & DGK-H in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin


The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) and the Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement (DGK-H) have made a written statement regarding actions they carried out in Amed and İzmir. The actions were carried out in support of the resistance in Afrin.

The Turkish invasion attacks in Afrin continue, but so does the epic resistance in Afrin. The Kurdish youth have carried out solidarity actions for Afrin in North Kurdistan and in the Turkish metropoles.

DGH Amed: In Amed an arson attack against an ultra-nationalist club was carried out, as a result of the action the club was rendered unusable.

DGH İzmir: In İzmir on the 21st of February the DGH hung a banner that read “Rise Up (Serî hilde) with the spirit of self-government”. On February 22nd they blocked roads and destroyed a car belonging to an AKP collaborator with Molotov cocktails.

Following the actions, the DGH declared:

“We greet our comrades who are resisting in Afrin. We are young people who have vowed revenge. We will not let fascism breathe”.

(via Nûçe Ciwan, translated by Insurrection News)

via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com