Trento, Italy: “Renata” operation – Update about the trial

(november 2019)

Received 14/11/2019

Trento, Italy: “Renata” operation – Update about the trial (november 2019)

The hearing of the “Renata” repressive operation which sees accused and defendants Stecco, Sasha, Giulio, Poza, Agnese, Nico and Rupert and which was supposed to be November 26th was postponed to December 5th. It is likely that the sentence will be issued just that day. The comrades are therefore invited to a solidarity presence outside and inside the court on Thursday, December 5th, from 9.30. In the evening the appointment is at 6.00 pm for a meeting in front of the Faculty of Sociology, in Verdi street n. 26 (Trento).

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