Thessaloniki: Call from migrants to migrants

"Let's stand together, let's fight together, let's live together"

Call from migrants to migrants: “Let’s stand together, let’s fight together, let’s live together”

We are among the tens of thousands of people that have now been trapped in Greece. Here our passage to a better and safer life is currently blocked by borders, military, razor-wire and violence. We are now being held against our will in fields, detention centers and make-shift shelters across Greece. Already an enormous strain of the difficult conditions we are forced to endure is taking its heavy toll among us.

We cannot go on like this. We as migrants need to take the responsibility and fight in our own name for a decent life, which the EU through its brutal regime of closure is now denying us. Already this fight is taking place daily in many different places across Greece. Many among us have went on hunger strikes, tried to cross the border in massive actions, made protests and conducted many other acts of defiance. Right now thousands are already involved in dignified and courageous struggle. In Idomeni many have rejected a food prepared for them by volunteers and expressed by this the fundamental point that we all feel: it is not food we need, but open borders. In Thessaloniki migrants occupy the Arisoteleus square, demanding open borders and equal rights. We must find a power in ourselves and in each other to persist. It is what we owe to ourselves and to our parents and children.

Now we are here and it is here that we have to fight. The time has come to realize that we are under attack and EU is determined not to let us to reach our destinations. Yet also in this moment we must not despair or loose hope. Difficult as it may be, it is our turn to stand up, it is our moment to seize. It is us that need to stand side by side and claim our rights. Our voice has to be heard and it will be heard.

We recognize the enormous effort and support extended to us by the people of Greece and of Europe. Yet, all the food, blankets and clothes cannot fulfill our most basic need in which we all are equal: to have the freedom of movement and a better life.

This is why we call on all the migrants around Greece to join us on the protest on Monday 28. 3. 2016, 12:00 at Kamara. In Thessaloniki we will gather in Orfanotrofio. We also call on the solidarity movement to stand with us and help us build a better future for all of us.

Assembly of the residents of Orfanotrofio
(25. 3. 2016)

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Κατάληψη Στέγης Μεταναστριών/τών-Housing squat for immigrants Orfanotrofeio

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