Texas: Clashes with police, fascists and liberals at college station, Texas



On December 6th, Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute (a white supremacist lobbying group) was yet again given space to grow his movement, this time by the University of Texas A&M. The Trump victory has propelled the bullshit “legitimate political discourse” further to right. This has emboldened far right forces and produced a space in the “mainstream” for them to operate. Spencer has been given a platform on all of the bourgeois media outlets under the liberal guise of “free speech.” While this may not need to be said, it shows the complicity of the bought off press and the ineffectiveness of abstract liberal principles with the growing fascist movement. They’ve always been our enemies, now they don’t even try to hide it.

Portions of this report have been omitted due to pending legal cases.

Masked comrades assembled outside of the speaking hall as the speech began. Massing together with other unmasked militants and marching up the stairs served to get the crowd, who was largely made up of liberals, to follow us into the building. We were greeted by riot swine who formed a line blocking the hallway. The crowd marched directly into the pig line attempting to break through. The crowd pushed hard but couldn’t break the line. The liberals then pushed their way in between the militants and the pigs.

The term “peace police” was displayed to its fullest as they pushed back militants with the help of the swine. In an attempt to find another route to the speaking hall we inadvertently split into two groups. The mixed nature of the crowd resulted in confrontations with liberals, right wing students and the porkers. A four-way fight, the symbolism here is fucking tragic. We don’t have any love for liberals (honestly, fuck ’em) but we can’t recall a time when they’ve acted so aggressively to ensure “peace” or “free speech.”

We broke into smaller groups and exited through different exits regrouping outside. We then spotted members of the White Lives Matter movement and other fash supporters in several small groups. The crowd moved to drive them off. An odd geological phenomenon caused rocks to rain down on the fash. Air horns blown in the face of the more sensitive fashies and games of “chase the nazi” cleared the sidewalk. Seeing the porkers run to the aid of their fashy friends only to have to run to the next group was pretty comical. As we left we noticed a group of identically dressed white males with nazi youth haircuts. This kind of suit and tie scum make up groups like NPI and Identity Evropa.

To offer some self critique, we faced travel issues which caused the action to be rushed. The broad network of anti fascists made detailed planning and unified action somewhat difficult. Sadly, some comrades were kidnapped by the pigs during the action. We followed as closely as possible trying to ensure our friends physical safety. Our network went straight to work on jail support and they were freed in 24 hours.

We know who we’re up against.

We know what’s at stake.

Fuck the Fash!
Fuck the Pigs!
Fire to the Prisons!
oh…and Fuck them Liberals too!


via itsgoingdown.org