Bannerdrop in solidarity with the tortured anarchists & antifascists


Bannerdrop in solidarity with the tortured anarchists and antifascists in Russia!

A late report but…

On the 12 of April we decided to release a banner in central Malmö (Sweden) in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades of the so called “Network” case. A simple gesture to remind the accused that they are not forgotten or alone, that the world is watching, to ourselves to remind us that they are not separate nad that an attack on them is a threat against all of us. And of course a reminder to the police, the state and it’s supporters that we are awake and alive and that our networks are larger and more complex than they ever can imagine.

And although the case against our comrades without doubt seems to be fabricated, (a tradition of the state in order to repress and hit on our struggles) we are not interested in knowing who’s “guilty” or not.
Even though the torture has been extreme to many of the accused and the conditions horrifying we are very impressed by the strength and determination to resist that has been shown, during interrogation and in the court. Being serious with their principles and affinities while laughing the state right in face.

From the bottom of our hearts, love and solidarity, keep fighting while we behind bars keep doing what has to be done, and support our friends.

– Some shadows in Malmö…