Striking a blow: Audio and video documentary on the September 9th Prison Strike


We’re excited to announce that Striking A Blow, an audio-visual documentary on the background and lead-up to this year’s historic national prison strike on September 9th, is now available. The piece combines older archived interviews with new recorded pieces with current and former prisoners, family members, and strike supporters, all in a seamless, narrator-less format. After a few test runs at various gatherings, we’ve combined the interviews with a series of slides to make one concise 33 minute video, perfect for fundraisers, introductions to panel discussions, and other kinds of events designed to follow up with up-to-date strike report-backs that pick up where the documentary leaves off.

The full video can be found here.

For driving to work or road trips with your crew to J20 or any other such needs, an audio-only Mp3 can be found here.
And for the true audio nerd, a higher MB, FLAC version can be found here.
As always, fire to the prisons.
-some southern anarchists

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