Seattle, USA: How to Kick Alt-Right Scum Out of a March


In this video, an alt-right “journalist” is seen being removed from the Solidarity Against Hate march that happened last week in downtown Seattle to counter Joey Gibson’s rally at Westlake Plaza.

Originally published by Puget Sound Anarchists.

At the beginning of the video, he is seen being restrained and clearly instructed that his presence is not welcome. Although he persists to film and insists on remaining there, people are seen interrupting his attempts at filming the other participants and continuing to pressure him to exit. At the end of the video, two protest marshals are seen escorting him away.

This is a great example of one way to support people in these demonstrations if you are not ready or willing to engage in violence. You don’t need to be a street-fighter to be an anti-fascist, but it helps have each other’s backs when confrontations like this do occur. It’s very important to cover your face to protect your identity from getting doxxed, therefore protecting your friends and family. Some participants did this by means of black-bloc, others with colorful bandanas. Interrupt the fascists’ attempt at filming people, and use any of the many means at our disposal to eject them from our spaces.

No pasaran!