Scotland: Sabotage of construction machinery and incendiary attack by Falcon Of Chaos



Inside the increasingly growing modernization in the already rampantly developed urbanization I feel my individuality to suffocate. The urban field in my eyes is an area of open prison. Inside it humans just exist, as pets of a god named Law separating their existence from any other form of life and environment. And those who don’t separate, in fact they still separate themselves, because they see themselves as regulators of ”wild” life. Desires have long ago been channeled in the sickness of consumerism concerning anything, from material things to the sphere of thought, where the poisons of the so many years of capitalism have been established in combination with the weakness of negating social roles and of every culture-prison, offspring of civilisation. The ”free life” is the ”beauty” of the choices of the urban field which incarnates the utmost characteristics of massification of the ideologemes of civilisation. This is where all rights have been transformed into the tomb of life. Though my desires seek the affirmation of life through experimentations of destructive deconstruction of theory and action.

This is why little before daybreak on 19/07/16 I headed towards a construction site with intention sabotage and destruction of property. Whichever companies are the same to me, wheels of civilisation and its procedures. After cutting the fences I severed a big amount of the cables of two excavators and the windows of another crane machine were painted black. Nihilistic symbols were also painted on the machines. Symbols that signify a procedure not a reification. There was intention for more destruction but because of the reason that I was possibly spotted from an opposite house I chose to bail out. Though the ideas still remain to come into effect.

On 12/08/16 I set an expensive sportscar on fire using the very simple method of placing firelighters under the fuel tank on top of the tire. This action is an expression of misanthropic feelings, generally but also specifically towards those who use the products of civilisation through the social logic of the spectacle. For the beauty of fire inside the darkness of the night. Against society itself and the reproduction of norms for adaption. Society is first of all a complex of ideological systems even conflicting between themselves and secondarily it is control and psychosomatic repression which spring up from the first and the individuality remains always a prisoner. Therefore attacks against society could not have a certain character. In no case I’m trying to justify my actions through a supposed universal value ideologicalized cause, these belong to others not me. My actions don’t have as starting point nor do they aim at politics, they are clearly actions of pleasure that begin from my personal values as a person. Egoistic nihilism is a tool not a product for consumers in the capitalist alienation, its aim is at expropriating the person from any universality and predetermined values with purpose the exposure of chaotic reality so as to destroy idealism and move towards the fulfillment of desire without imaginary chains or expectations.

I have to self-criticize myself here for some identifying ”identities” which I used in my previous communiques in claiming my actions, although I didn’t start this way. For me these were not reified identities and I think this is clear from my words, but I used them as an indicator generally nonetheless which would imply an imaginary uniform culture and myself an advocate of this, something that isn’t reflective of reality neither what I want. A mistake like this doesn’t offer anything besides the fact it can easily create new reification inside the civilised sewer we live in. So I dispose of these chains of language which are completely unnecessary if personal content is present. The name I use is not the attempt for the creation of a new fortress of ideas. I would never want to see the name undertaken by others (not that this is likely to happen, for many reasons), it represents only me because it simply is part of the content of my ego, not new reified idealistic propaganda for The Cause. Besides, even anonymity for me could as easily be another form of uniformity. What matters is the content, words in themselves are just trash, products of civilization. The cell falcon of chaos has been from the beginning an attempt of breaching the domestication inside the city, the unfolding of the direct anarchist experience that pays tribute to no prescriptions and the opening of possibilities for self-realization. The responsibility claims are an experiment of an attempt for interaction with other unique ones. A communique in itself is just a means inside ones own cause and not a ”complete and final” manifestation of the moment of the action or an end in itself. Always against every ideology no matter which name accompanies it but also all of their essentialist identities. I am not of those who draw directly from the images of authority and reproduce them with other mantle. All my communiques aim at the propulsion of theory and practise with starting point the self, anarchy as a vehicle, namely the situation that I negate even the physical authority over me and nihilism my weapon of choice, never leaving those to be dominated by ghosts no matter their name, always with the perception of chaotic pluralism in my mind into the war of all against all, which doesn’t confine me to care about compulsive predetermined unities neither a form of obligatory solitary asceticism. I never cared to be included in camps but only to conspire with real persons, egos of power, so I have also experienced ”excommunication” from Temples of anarchist Inquisition, because everyone has their sanctities, pillars of their constructs and few seem to like to smash their construct to the ground with the possibility of creating something more authentic and unchained. Because I attack and scorn any predetermined idealistic content. Sometimes of a ghost of the ”human”, the deity of many anarchist Temples, but also ”nature”, a metaphysical deity of eco-extremists and I will always be against anything idealistic or any idealized construct tries to rise above the uniqueness of the ego. Without duties of social constructs and without any proposal for the future, because I don’t care, I embrace the void and fight.

For the beauty of destruction into the prison of systems!

For the embrace of fire in the deafening silence of the night!

For the rise of nothing!

Destroy to create!

Falcon Of Chaos