Scotland: New actions by cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience “Falcon Of Chaos”


Edinburgh, Scotland

On 8/3/16 at night I set fire to a car using firelighters under the fuel tank. Wandering at night one can also create the very pleasant moments of meeting many interesting individualities that prefer the dark like foxes and raccoons. This action is an action of self fulfillment and a challenge of boosting my capabilities. Whoever wonders what kind of car was it and if it was worth the effort is a prisoner of the social and civilized swarm. Of the political necro-sickly conscience of those self-imprisoned in ideological dungeons. The neighborhoods of the peaceable citizens with the signs of the neighborhood watch are very disturbing to me as symbols of self-repression of the rationalist society and it was my pleasure to disturb one of them. The ghost of the Law everywhere around me deadens every will and worst of all even every thought of someone to defy it. It converts every lobotomized humanoid into its worthy servant without questioning. The rottenness of the systematic quietness becomes a knife in the throat of the conscious anarchist individuality trying to crush its free flow of life. Its will to become something else. Though the one who defies this situation stabs the reification of life and expropriates moments from the repeated procedures of civilisation tearing down the sepsis of normality.

On the 7/4/16 I attacked a van of the city council by slashing the tires and vandalizing its logo and its writings. As I was heading there I came across accidentally a van of a construction company of which tires were also slashed. Thereafter during the same night I headed towards some garage/storages of the city council where the signs and writings were vandalized with nihilistic symbols which did not aim at becoming idols but signify the transition through attack. These actions happened during the Edinburgh international science festival which took place this period, of which the above targets were major financial providers, filling the prison city with the propaganda of the ideology of science, of the most contemporary religion which as “godly speech” has classified and claimed everything around us. Made as a product easily inside the capitalist reality of annihilation of producing personal thought to fit in every culture where everyone can receive a part of it as so to remind to the faithful of the ghost of Progress that the future is in good hands as long as they leave themselves in the armful of this deity. Leaving outside the horrific parts which treat life as trash because they would repulse the future believers and inspirators of their pathetic social evolution. Also with endless events that promote the green development, ideologicalized captivity, objectification and spectacularization of the non human animals and the earthly environment as well as the human subjects themselves who reproduce these logics being imprisoned in the dungeons of their ideologically and rationally constructed realities. Though I do not excuse them. In the question “did the ghosts make them or did they make the ghosts?” I answer that there is a mutual relation between the two. The enthusiasts of “human essentiality” for so many years have tried to save this sacred that from its pedestal arise so many whips and chains as well as others who have found in this “essence” the source of the ghost of Evil they always vomit prophecies. I am beyond this contemptible idiocy. Against every mass leprosy but also against the herds that drag it.

Strength to my comrade from the cell Anti-Surveillance Front / Incendiary Nomad Cell / F.A.I. as well as to my comrades who from far away conspire with whatever they have for the personal anarchist war.

For the beauty of self-realization and the rise of the self over every authority.

For the rise of the unique individualities and the war for their own.

Death to Science.

Death to every civilisation.

Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience “Falcon Of Chaos”

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