Sardinia, Italy: Afrin – Why Does it Concern Us?


– the attempt by the people of Rojava to make for themselves their own form of self-organization, based on respect for ethnic groups, on popular participation, on self-defense and on the spread of values of equality, despite the natural contradictions imposed by the war context in which it has been realized, is an important example. All people who decide to resist the oppressions and genocides perpetuated by the States and seek to live a peaceful and supportive existence are people who should be supported. In a context dominated by the imperialist actions of the States that use the different local actors to maintain their economic interests, in a context dominated by radical Islamist forces (always funded and used by the same imperialist states) that impose regimes of terror and exploitation on populations, in a context dominated by the imposition of regimes, that more or less with democratic denominations, are based on a vertical and authoritarian management of power, the attempt by the Kurds to resist and create a social model of coexistence and self-government is an experience with which we want to be in solidarity.

– the wars of recent years in the context of the Middle East represent yet another example of the imperialist policies of the Western States; the politics of robbery and exploitation, aimed at reshaping the territorial balance in order to have more and more condescending servants in power, to open more and more doors to the exploitation of resources, to make more and more money bags for the war-mongering multinationals and the companies involved in the so-called ‘post-war reconstruction’. The resistance of the Kurds represents an attempt to move in the opposite direction of this process. This process has not been and is not without contradictions, like all processes that want to make real changes, but it involves the sacrifices of an entire population to fight for their existence and freedom.

– the thousands of refugees who have arrived on our shores in recent years (and have ended up in the exploitative business chain) are the result of these distant wars, but perhaps not so much. The Kurdish experiment represents an attempt to oppose these conflicts and above all to create a social model based on solidarity and peaceful coexistence, against the logic of domination and conquest. To support this experiment therefore means to oppose the wars of today and tomorrow and to oppose the imperialist logic that condemns thousands of people to die at the Libyan borders, in the oceans, in the migrant centres and in the labor camps.

– our land has always been a land of experimentation and control by warlords: those in the suits and ties of multinationals and those in the uniforms of armies. The weapons used in conflicts in the Middle East are produced and tested by Italian companies (namely Leonardo / Finmeccanica) in our territories, then sold to State butchers of various categories. To oppose this umpteenth genocide means to oppose the politics of militarization and the logic of profit built on the backs of people.

– our history consists of colonial domination and the annihilation of one’s identity. The history of the Kurds is a similar history of fierce colonialism on the part of the Kurdish State, which for years, following massacres on populations, has pursued a policy of forced deculturation, denial of Kurdish identity and ethnic cleansing. Supporting the Kurdish struggle means supporting the same struggle of self-determination that we want for our land.

– it is necesssary, now more than ever, to demonstrate our solidarity with our comrades who fight on the front and with our comrades who fight for their own self-determination. We consider it necessary to use all means possible to attack the Turkish imperialist state, its structures and its representatives in the territories in which we live.

Some Anarchists in Sardinia

(via Sardegna Anarchica, translated by Insurrection News)