Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Carabineros Savings and Credit Cooperative (COOPERLACAR)


May 30

We attacked the Carabineros Savings and Credit Cooperative (COOPERLACAR) with an incendiary device that was easy to prepare, reaffirming our hatred and permanent hostility towards any gear of the police machinery and any who have been part of it. Once a police officer, always a police officer!

We believe that the existence of the police is violent in itself, we are not surprised by their actions against anyone who disturbs their order, however, we cannot remain passive when faced with their constant aggressions. Police hands off our compañerxs, the students, immigrants and Mapuche.
No aggression without a response!

9 years since the death in action of our compañero Mauricio Morales, we embrace his will of offensive against power and authority, wishing that it prevails actively in the hands of the compañerxs and does not die with mouthed words.

Machi Celestino Córdova to his Rewe, now!

Strength and active solidarity for compañero Juan Aliste Vega.

Long live anarchy!

(via Contra Info, photos via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)