Santiago, Chile: Coordinated Incendiary & Explosive Attacks Against 5 Churches on the Eve of the Pope’s Official Visit


13.01.18: During the early hours of January 12, 2018 a series of explosive and incendiary attacks shake the capital just 3 days before the arrival in Chile of Pope Francis, rotten leader and head of an institution stained with blood and founded on torture, looting and inquisitions.

1) Arson attack against the Santa Isabel de Hungria Parish located on 99 Las Catalpas street in Central Station commune.

Anonymous attackers jumped the fence at around 00:15hrs leaving an incendiary device that managed to seriously damage the door and a stained glass window. The fire was extinguished by priests and neighbours preventing the Parish from being completely burned down.

At the scene leaflets claiming the action were found, GOPE (Special Operations Group Police) and Labocar (Scientific / Forensic Police) quickly arrived but were unable to make any arrests.

2) Explosive attack on the Capilla Cristo Chapel located on 2167 Peninsula street in Peñalolén commune.

At around 03:10AM, an explosive device consisting of gun powder compressed inside a fire extinguisher detonates damaging part of the external gate and a side wall next to the main door.

Leaflets claiming the action were found at the scene. GOPE and Labocar personnel arrived to examine the remains of the device without being able to make any arrests.

3) Explosive attack against the Emmanuel Chapel, Santos Apóstoles Parish located on 4068 Salzburg street in the commune of Recoleta.

At 3:20hrs an explosive device consisting of gun powder compressed in a metal cylinder is detonated after unknown attackers picked the lock of the entrance door to the chapel, damaging the door and breaking glass.

Leaflets claiming the action were found at the scene. GOPE and Labocar arrived quickly to find the remains of the device but were unable to make any arrests.

4) Failed incendiary attack against the Cristo Pobre Church located on 540 Matucana street in the Quinta Normal commune.

On the morning of January 12, 2018, an incendiary device that had failed to detonate was found at the doors of the church.

The device was comprised of a drum containing 5 litres of fuel with a timing device that failed to activate. The media clumsily tried to link this attack to the ‘Lautaro Youth Movement’, due to the presence of graffiti and leaflets in the area, however it is worth noting that this organization has sought to make a different kind of street agitation to coincide with the Pope’s arrival, from the perspective of a popular organization, far removed from these types of incendiary and explosive actions.

5) Failed incendiary attack against the Jesús Maestro Parish located at 3895 Central avenue in Quinta Normal commune inside Villa Portales.

A device comprised of a fuel drum with a timer activation system was discovered on the morning of January 12, 2018 before it had a chance to ignite or cause any damage to the area.

Members of GOPE and Labocar were rapidly deployed to the scene to examine the device, in the same area leaflets were found claiming the action.

The insurrectionary actions quickly took over the news and the political agenda before the arrival of the Pope. Various politicians, ecclesiastical leaders, police and prosecutors toured the burned and damaged temples to express their rejection and concern regarding these types of actions.

Prosecutor Raul Guzman, the head of the Southern Prosecutor’s Office, specializing in crimes of an explosive or incendiary nature stated: “We have determined that these actions were organized. The anti-system groups that are operating are not necessarily organizations, they can be quite small, isolated groups, not necessarily coordinated, but this morning we saw facts that, without doubt, point to them being coordinated”.

For his part, the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, stated: “We hope to obtain evidence to identfiy the persons responsible and we will be pushing for the most severe punishments possible”.

Finally President Michelle Bachele stated in an awkward and ridiculous manner: “In a democracy people can express themselves while doing so in a peaceful and appropriate way, we know that there will always be some group…I have…but last night was very strange because this is not something that can be linked to a specific group…like…’for the freedom of all people’…or something like that”.

The media tried to make some sterile links to the ‘reemergence of the Lautaro Youth Movement’. This organization is currently focused on ‘working with the masses’ and other forms of action and agitation, from a completely different perspective that is alien to anti-authoritarian and anarchic practices and ways of thinking. To put an end to this speculation, the ‘political commission of M.J.L.’ itself issued a statement condemning the actions.

Some videos from mainstream media:

Text of the leaflet found at the various locations that were attacked:

We will never submit to the domination they want to exercise over our bodies, our ideas and actions, because we were born free to decide the path we want to take.

Against all religions and preachers.

Free, impure and wild bodies.

We attack with combative fire to explode their disgusting morals.

Freedom to all the political prisoners of the world!

Free Wallmapu! Autonomy and resistance.

Pope Francis, the next bombs will be in your cassock!

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)