Santiago, Chile: Anarchist Comrade Enrique Guzman back on the Street after being Rearrested


24.12.17: On December 21, 2017, after being acquitted of all charges in the so-called ‘Bombs Case 2’, comrade Enrique Guzman left prison after 2 and a half years.

Once he arrived at home, the police arrested him again for the cowardly accusations made by the miserable Matias Peña Lyon, a plaintiff lawyer in the case who alleged that the comrade approached him after the trial and made death threats.

The trembling lawyer denounced the comrade to try and stop him being released, the petty lapdog did not feel ashamed to say he felt threatened, because even though he is backed by the full apparatus of the State he feels ‘violated’ by any gesture other than resignation from those who are in the dock.

Enrique spent the night in a police station and then was formally charged for the crime of making ‘threats’ and banned from approaching the lawyer. Finally he went back to the street with his head held high.

Solidarity and strength to those who confront the uniformed cowards and their desperate legal labyrinths!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)