Santiago, Chile: Action in memory of anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales


Thursday May 25, 2017

On May 22, 2009, the anarchist Mauricio Morales was on his way to plant a bomb at the School for Prison Guards in Santiago, Chile. The bomb exploded prematurely, ending in one moment the life of the compañero.

Today we remember him with street fighting at the Academy. Barricades, pyrotechnics, noise bombs, leaflets against the Gendarmerie of Chile, and a huge banner that said: For the expansion of the chaos, Ensuring that anarchy lives, Punky Maury presente.

A live dispatch from Channel 13 [1] convey the facts, reporting the loud explosions and the confrontation with Molotov cocktails against the police. The clumsy journalist links the action with some student agitation. Of course we had nothing to do with that, our propaganda, our shouts and this text make clear our objective: Direct action 8 years after the death of anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales Duarte.

The day ended without injuries or arrests.

Images via Frente Fotográfico.

[1] “Encapuchados* erect barricades on Condell Avenida” (…) An incident occurred this afternoon on Condell Avenida in the commune of Providencia. This took place after a group of encapuchados set up barricades meters away from the Human Rights Brigade of the PDI and the University Academy of Christian Humanism. Carabineros arrived at the scene to try and control the situation. At the moment, all road transport is suspended.

*hooded ones

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)