Santiago, Chile: Action for the Day of the Young Combatant


Day of the Young Combatant and permanent insurrection.
March 29: Commemorating in the streets.

A date that does not go unnoticed for society as a whole, for better or for worse, is commented on and should be felt because it is inevitably a day that breaks with the everyday normality and that is seen in the streets, in high schools and universities, in workplaces, in the city centers and also in the barrios and towns.

For us anarchists, March 29 is a date where memory, resistance and subversion are combined in the streets, a date on which we remember our dead comrades who died at the hands of State power…our hearts beat with the brothers Vergara Toledo, with the guerrilla Norma Vergara and with the anarchists Jonny Cariqueo and Javier Recabarren, just to name some of the comrades who in different circumstances and years left this world some time in March and who are now impulses of destruction for old and new generations of fighters.

This March 29 we were there, taking action, fueling the fire of the barricades in the streets of Pudahuel with a diverse group of people and comrades who want this day to not go unnoticed by anyone. For what they contribute in different ways so that this occurs with the fixed idea that nobody who dies is forgotten and that the police are one of the many targets we have to attack. Because there is still much to be brought to account for those hired bastards who have taken away valuable comrades of struggle, and even more, there is much to be done against those who manipulate, control and own the territory where we live, the all powerful – our most difficult enemies.

In any case, we will not surrender, we keep our memory alive, we continue day after day in the struggle with our affinities and with the prisoners of war – valuable brother and sisters – who resist their confinement daily. Every March 29 and every day that we want we’re going to be there, on the street taking action. What was already stated long ago, everything continues…

Anarchist praxis is inevitable…

(via Contra Info, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)