Russia: Actions in Solidarity with Arrested and Detained No-G20 Protesters


Solidarity week with Hamburg anarchists and anti-capitalist activists arrested in the beginning of June for protesting against G20 summit has finished in Russia. More than 100000 people came to Hamburg to protest against G20.

A peaceful demo was attacked by police. First, they did not like the camp although it was authorised by the court, then — the fact that some of the protesters were wearing masks. Both times the police attacked. In the street clashes started by the police 500 cops were injured.

The protesters attacked a police station, the hotel where Putin stayed and other sites. To suppress the initially peaceful protest the government had to use special militarised police force, who beat up and detained everybody in the area, including passers by and tourists.

As the result 51 participant of the demo was arrested and may be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. To draw the attention to the political repressions in Germany and show our solidarity Russian anarchists held the action week.

In Moscow anarchists and leftists visited German visa center, they placed a banner on its gate and held a small illegal demo. Also, in Moscow Left Block activists held one-man pickets of German embassy. One-man picket of German consulate was also held in Kaliningrad. In Moscow, St.Petersburg, Naberezhny Chelny, Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk leaflets were spread informing about the situation and graffiti attacks were held. The repressions in Germany were also a topic at the March Against Censorship, held in Moscow on 23 July. Penza activists also expressed their solidarity. In Nizhny Novgorod anarchists visited local German visa centre and left a small message (on the centre building and on the adjacent building as well) demanding the release of the prisoners.