Rojava: New Statement from the International Freedom Battalion (IFB)


Our Duty Today: To Defend The Peoples of Rojava Against The Fascist Attacks

21.01.19: The peoples of the world have an unstoppable wound for many years; The Middle East! The imperialists are constantly causing bloodshed in these lands and slaughtering the people for their own profits. From time to time with their own hands and sometimes with the gangs which are their own reflections…The scenario that they force us to watch or to live is the same; Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Daesh gangs in Syria…

Almost eight years ago, the Rojava revolution said ‘stop’ to this bleeding wound. In Serekaniye, Kobanê, Gıre Spi and Minbic the ruse that’s carried out by imperialists was brought to light; the massacrist and rapist gangs were defeated one by one.. Every victory of the peoples created hope and became an example for the peoples of the world. The Rojava revolution has undoubtedly spread the call for freedom with itself. The fighters from all over the world protected the revolution from inside and outside.

As a response to this call, the International Freedom Battalion was formed with fighters from all over the world four years ago. Certainly, we left a mark on each front of the Rojava revolution. Our comrades sacrificed themselves to defend the revolution and there’s been paid a high price for it. We don’t see this as a source of pride, but as a necessity of our historical responsibilities.

This historical responsibility has come to light once again; the fascist AKP is now threatening the Rojava Revolution with statements of occupation. They try to turn the dirty relations between the imperialists into the fate of the people. We know that the people can only be free as long as they can determine their own destiny. Our response and the response of the people of Rojava against imperialism, which is trying to capture the free Rojava people, will be very clear.

As the International Freedom Battalion, we don’t have the trouble to sit and drown in political analysis! We are aware of the the need to put and end to the annoying fuss of ‘why are the imperialists leaving?’. As a requirement of this consciousness, we already rolled up our sleeves. Who will win this war? Our answer to the questions, which are already answered, are very open and clear…

The answer was written long before on the pages that were thought to be closed. In Spain, Stalingrad and Vietnam; we’ve brought them on their knees many times! Today, we don’t see any strong reasons for not doing this again!

Are we not the ones in Spain who have fought as tens of thousands of revolutionaries of all colours and languages against fascism under one flag? Are we not the ones who were shouting out for Vietnam all over the world and who buried the American imperialism in the mud of Vietnam?

Well, then? In that case; we must defend the Rojava Revolution in its own positions and we have to fight, be free and liberate! We call upon all the freedom fighters in the whole world to answer this call and to re-raise the flag of revolutionary internationalism that is missed by the people! WE WILL WIN!

International Freedom Battalion

(via International Freedom Battalion FB Page)