Patra, Greece: The anti-immigration policy of the Greek state and the E.U. brings death



On March 27, a refugee man from Syria, 25 years old hung himself at the port of Piraeus. The International Protection Seeker’s Card was found in his clothes. No more information about this tragic suicide is known whatsoever.

Three days later, on March 30, another refugee, 29 years old, set himself on fire inside VIAL hot spot in Chios island. At the time he was inside the refugee registration area, he splashed himself all over with flammable liquidand warned the other people off setting himself on fire. The man just wanted to speak, to protest about the bad conditions at the hot spot. Then, a cop surprised him from behind, he hit the refugee’s arm and tried to take the tin the refugee was holding. The ending of the incident was a tragedy, as the man suffered many burns. After having been transported to the Evangellismos hospital in Athens in a very bad condition, with a 85% burns in his body, unfortunately, on Saturday, April 8, Amer Mohamad passed away in the hospital after battling for his life for several days.We will not accuse the police of inability and of loss of their calmness. Either this move was a failed inspiration of a single cop either it was decided that the police will manage the situation this way, the truth is that the police accomplishes perfectly the role that has been assign to them the by the State. And their role is to keep people in prison and to smash those people who struggle and rise against exploitation, oppression and the ruin of their lives.

It is also known that in Lesvos island the police has invaded in some refugee camps and has arrested some refugees and immigrants. Each day at about 20-25 refugees and immigrants are kidnapped from the Moria hot spot. Some of them are beaten, only because they are in Europe without the ”right” passport. After this, the police enclose them at the close pre-departure center with no reason or accusation. The refugees are simply imprisoned, until the time is right for them being deport. In April 7, massive deportations took place ; 49 refugees from Lesvos and 35 from Kos island were deported to Turkey.

What is more, a horrific picture went viral on the internet during the last days. A photo in which an iron cage is illustrated. Inside this cage, at the VIAL hot spot in Chios island, several refugees, men, women and children were enclosed for many hours and were guarded by the police.

We understand that all the previous are nothing but aspects of the anti-immigration policy of the Greek state and the E.U. Manifestations of the modern totalitarianism on behalf of the capital and the state institutions. A modern totalitarianism that can only assures death, misery, exploitation and oppression for the poor people, refugees, immigrants and locals. We can understand how the governments and the states devalue the human life by reminding ourselves the thousands of refugees and immigrants who have drown in the Mediterranean sea, the ones that have lost their lives at the closed European borders and of course the hundreds of thousands Syrian people that have been murdered during the war in Syria. All of those people are victims in a competition, victims in a war for which the responsible are those who have the power, the capitalistic states and the local Syrian dictators.

The hanging of the Syrian refugee at the port of Piraeus and the death of the other man who set himself on fire in Chios island is a tragic situation that underlines to which extend can the refugees be brought by the racist policy of the Greek state and the European Union. The anti-immigration policy on behalf of the E.U led to the closure of the borders and to the deal with Turkey. The Greek state in absolute agreement with the European racist policy has trapped thousands of refugees in the islands and the Greek mainland. Those people who are trapped and deprived of basic human rights are led to despair.

Moreover, one year has passed since the E.U agreed with Turkey in order to cut down the numbers of refugees entering Europe. The more important -so far- result from this agreement is that thousands of refugees are trapped in the Greek mainland and the islands. At this time more than 61.000 refugees and immigrants are trapped in Greece. The conditions under which these people live are inhuman. Deaths, suicides, self-injuries and of course the racism of some Greek people. In some cases there were local people who didn’t want the children from Syria to attend Greek public schools and come in touch with pupils from Greece.

Concentration camps, hot spots, imprisonment, isolation, death at the closed European borders and drownings in the Mediterranean sea are guaranteed for the refugees and immigrants. Exploitation, repression and devaluation of our working power are guaranteed for the locals. The capital and the states ruin our life and dignity every day with no distinction between refugees-immigrants and locals. We, the common people, the working class, the proletarians, are in the target of the capital. The capitalist system will try to eliminate us, in order to ensure its reproduction. We can also see that the dominant class tries to manage the economical crisis for its own benefit. Thus, the state attempt to cut off any effort for the connection between refugees and the poor local people, especially the more combative ones. To cut off the interaction between the oppressed and exploited people, local and refugees.

On our behalf, on the behalf of the people who struggle against the capital and the states, we understand that is our duty to break the exclusion and the isolation in which the refugees are condemned. We have to be in contact with the refugees and immigrants and build communities of common struggles, of solidarity and trust. This is the only way for us to break the counterfeit separation that is organized by the capitalism.

Expressing our solidarity to the claims of the refugees is not enough. What is more, we have to put in practice our will for common struggles between all the poor and common people of our society.




Anarchist Assembly for the Social and Class Attack
Patras, April 2017