Paris, France: Incendiary attack against a diplomatic vehicle in solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


One January night in Paname*

We were walking through the rich neighbourhoods on Monday night looking for a way to ruin their sleep.
We do not wait patiently for a hypothetical revolution to come when we really don’t know when, and we don’t really know how, as if it is going to fall down from the sky. A revolution that will probably not happen if we just wait for it patiently. We decided we wanted to attack now and destroy a small part of what destroys our lives little by little by imprisoning our desires. Consumed by these thoughts we came across a big BMW with Diplomatic Corp plates at the start of Cardinet street.
Needless to say, the luxury vehicle was on fire within minutes!

A thought for Krem who was condemned for the barbecued cop car case, for whom the State wants to make pay the price for the Spring riots of 2016. A thought too for the prisoners who are fighting back against the guards in recent times.

Solidarity with the comrades facing trial for the Operation Scripta Manent cases in Italy, solidarity with Lisa imprisoned in Germany!

Freedom for all, long live anarchy!

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated by Insurrection News)

*Paname is a slang term for the city of Paris and its suburbs.