Paris, France: Actions in solidarity with the CCF and Pola Rupa

On the night of March 31, 2016 we destroyed around the Republic Square a few storefronts and street furnitures, we also expropriated by force some traders who take advantage of this place busy for profit.

By these actions we want to show that the rebels are not pact with the enemy, be it sympathetic at first sight.

We dedicate these actions to CCF still on trial and Pola who publicly assumed Koridallos escape attempt by helicopter.

For destructive and expropriatiste action!

Death to the State and the capital!



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  1. Paris, France: Actions en solidarité avec la CCF et Pola Rupa | Mpalothia

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  2. Paris, Francia: Acciones de solidaridad con la CCF y Pola Rupa | Mpalothia

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